Final day to vote for us to play with Lacuna Coil, Sick Puppies, Eyes Set To Kill, and Cilver! 

Voting for us is easy, simply share this facebook post from Irving Plaza, and it counts as a vote for CHARETTA!

#ThisIsYourFall is here!!!! 

The day is finally here. The new music we've worked on for over a year gets released to the masses! We are so excited for everyone to hear it - and to have it debut on FM radio makes it that much more special. 

The show is called "Virgin Vibes" on 103.9 WRCN on Long Island, NY, and it airs from 9-10PM EST tonight (8/4/13). Immediately after it airs, we'll be unlocking the download over at the special This Is Your Fall page. Head over there to tweet, pick up some new Apocalypse related merch, or just listen to the song. We'll also post the podcast of the Virgin Vibes show as soon as its available (usually the next day).

Listening info:
We'll be live tweeting during the show, responding to anyone who tweets @Charetta or uses the #ThisIsYourFall hashtag. 



If you are in the NYC this weekend, you want to be there. CHARETTAPOCALYPSE will be the premier Charetta concert for 2013. We love the big stage and take advantage. Definitely have some tricks up our sleeve for this one! There are still some tickets available through our webstore -


 CHARETTA is taking to the airwaves!!!!

WRCN (103.9) is Long Island's ONLY rock station - and they have been gracious enough to let us be a part of their first ever listener hosted morning show. We will be in the studio running things from 6-10am on Wednesday, April 24th. THIS SHOULD BE QUITE INTERESTING to say the least!

So wake up early with us and tune in to our morning show adventure at 103.9 FM in Long Island, NY. You can also listen live online at

Day 1 of Pre-production is complete! 

 Hi everyone! First of all, HUUUUGGGGE Thank you to everyone who either contributed to our kickstarter campaign or spread the word about it. With your help, we were able to reach our goal of 5k and thus head into the studio for new music!

This past week, we went into Vudu Studios for a day of pre-production with our producer, Mike Watts. Pre-production = playing all the songs we have for our producer and then tweaking them (after he takes his fair share of jabs at us in the process. See #WattsInsults on twitter). We are really excited, and Mike was as well. "You guys have really grown as a band since 'A Nation Distracted.'"

We debuted a few new songs last weekend when we opened for Hinder and Nonpoint (which was awesome in case you were wondering), and will be playing even more this upcoming weekend. These next 2 shows will basically be a preview of everything we've written since the last EP. Some of them will be on the upcoming "Apocalypse" EP, while others may remain "live only" songs. Check out the "Shows" tab for more info.

If you are local to the NY area, we hope to see you this weekend. For everyone else - we can't wait to record/release the new material. We plan on having some great packages to go along with the new tunes, so be on the lookout for that!

Don't forget to hit up the store for our existing catalog or to make additional donations!

And again we would like to give a huge THANK YOU to all of those listed below who have contributed thus far and have helped to make "Apocalypse" happen:

Christopher Fuentes-Woods, Richard M, Frank, John Rago, Anthony Calderon, Matt Erwich, ALToR Photography, Karen Leigh, Jeremy Brooks, Keith McCarney, Jacquelyn N. Smith, Donald johnson, Diane Knudsen, Adrian Marquez Barrios, Penelope Jane Periconi, Jennifer Zambri, Eric Satterthwaite, Lisa Eisenberg-Ferris, Michael Camp, Sherry Thomas, Joe Alcott, Maria M, Sandi Fleischer, Daniel Bellafronte, Anna Naso, Andreas Schmidt, Tom Chang, Christopher Riker, Phil Anderson, Lauren Hughes, Beth Diamond, Gineen Barnes, Tom Harding, Carlito Rosas, Luke LaPlant, Kenneth Stull, Kathleen Graham, Donna Dullys, Silvio La Frossia, william berger, Mallory Kornrumpf, Sabrina Nieves-Greenstein, Vic Palermo, matt brunk, james esposito, Kent Bateman, Chris Bookstaver, David Malloy, Nick Rapidfire, Christine Scott, Greg Domenick, Martin, Dan Grossberg, claudine, John E Sims,, Wayne Sklow, Graham Tyre, Kimberly Hughes, Kelly Mack, Frank Grullon, Jessica Benenati, thomas iuso, Mandy McLaughlin, Larry Affelt, John Starr, Colleen Cunningham, Breanna Wolf, Miles Merwin, Waldemar Montalvo, Karin, Tracie Boyle, Meghan Moroney, Benjamen Dees, Shawn Abraham, Monica, Chris Cassidy, Cindy Wiedemann, Gerrilyn Sohn, Tina Marie, Shawn, Angela Brewer, Jean-Baptiste Jondeau, Chris Balcerzak, Glenn Boudreaux, peter troshak, Vincent Ricciardi, Erik Dahlman, Cary Tamura, Jamie Starr, Jamie Perz, Ro Cutler, Patricks, Keith Hall, Dennis Platt. ChittyB, Kristen Wood, Darren Fisher, Chris Cyanide, Ric Crescenti, Lauren Leatherman, Stacks, MR WIGGLES, DJ Pearlman, Gina Marie Drakos, Victor Valore, Michael A Guzman, Ronald Glenn, Chiral, temp2264, Gerry Saracco, Ernst Bonde, lauchenauer, Ferdi Battes, Nathan Olmstead, John Ambert, Leo Goodman, Meghan Wooden, Jennifer Mertens, christine, Evan Pomeranz, David Sarah, Lisa M, tom hoffelder, nari, Jessica Malavez, Melinda Sheer Fiore, Timothy Murphy, Dagon Naxos, Rafael Perez, Elizabeth Pizarro, Sawyer Collins.


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