6/4/12 - Gotham Rocks tour diary - Day 2 recap

We spent a lot of time driving the past 2 days and didn't get any time to update the blog yesterday. Even this one is going to be a bit rushed as we have to get to soundcheck at KC's Tavern in Pawtucket, RI shortly.

On Saturday night, we played one of our favorite venues, "The Room" in Brookfield, CT. This was now our 3rd time playing there, and each time is better than the last. The owners are tremendous and really work to promote local music. When we walked in, Vern was talking to the crowd and announcing that they were playing our friends "Face The King" on the radio right now and that they wear local bands merch. In his own words "I'm pretty sure bands like Metallica and Three Days Grace don't need our help." Well, guess who looked pretty stupid at that moment? It was me!!!! (Chris). Just that morning I bought a brand spankin new Three Days Grace t-shirt to wear. hahaha. Do they need our help? Definitely not, but the shirt looks badass, so I have no regrets! lol

As for the show, there were a ton of great bands as always, including a lot of younger bands that are showing the future of rock music is very bright. Since this was an all ages show, the crowd was a little younger in general, which we always love because they bring such an enthusiasm. I think I speak for the band when we say the crowd was AWESOME that night. They were getting right up on the stage, bouncing their heads the whole time, and even busted out some line dancing! Us and Ghosts of Eden had so much fun playing that night. As a band, you really feed off a crowds energy, and then they feed back off of yours and it's this infinite loop of awesomeness.

Well - remember how I started this post by saying I'd probably have to cut it short? Well, here we are. I still wanted to talk about Sunday, but we've got to run to the venue right now. We have a couple days off later in the week, so I should be able to catch up with everything then. Until next time...


Also, we just saw that someone posted a video of our brand new unreleased ballad, "Not Made Of Stone" from the show on Friday night at Maximum Capacity in MA

Oh yeah...and Pablo got his phone. It's glorious! :)

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