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6/4/12 - Gotham Rocks tour diary - Day 2 recap 

We spent a lot of time driving the past 2 days and didn't get any time to update the blog yesterday. Even this one is going to be a bit rushed as we have to get to soundcheck at KC's Tavern in Pawtucket, RI shortly.

On Saturday night, we played one of our favorite venues, "The Room" in Brookfield, CT. This was now our 3rd time playing there, and each time is better than the last. The owners are tremendous and really work to promote local music. When we walked in, Vern was talking to the crowd and…Read more

6/2/12 - Gotham Rocks tour diary - Day 1 recap 

Tour Lesson #1 - Never underestimate the level of traffic leaving NYC on a Friday in the summer! Since 4 out of 5 of us are native New Yorkers, this is pretty unacceptable for us to miss this point. After many hours in traffic, we finally made it to Maximum Capacity in Chicopee, MA in time for sound check. Pretty cool stage setup and lights and here's Rich and Angelina doing their best dance party host impression

Shortly after sound check, we had to make an emergency mall run…Read more

Our "first" blog 

Well, its hard to truly consider this our "first" blog since we update our Facebook and Twitter so frequently (and wrote blogs on MySpace back in the day), but this is our first based blog. We've wanted to move our site to a new host and were going to hold off on any changes until then, but we've been so busy we didn't want to hold up new features until we move it. Plus...Tomorrow we are going out on a Northeast tour and wanted a non-140 character limited method to keep you guys updated :)…Read more