Our "first" blog

Well, its hard to truly consider this our "first" blog since we update our Facebook and Twitter so frequently (and wrote blogs on MySpace back in the day), but this is our first charetta.com based blog. We've wanted to move our site to a new host and were going to hold off on any changes until then, but we've been so busy we didn't want to hold up new features until we move it. Plus...Tomorrow we are going out on a Northeast tour and wanted a non-140 character limited method to keep you guys updated :) We'll be updating both FB and Twitter, but want to try and do a daily recap as well.

For those of you who don't know, the tour dates can be found at the "shows" section of our site. Here is the tour flyer below.

This tour is presented by Gotham Rocks, and features fellow NYC rockers Ghosts of Eden, and also includes the supergroup EYE EMPIRE on 6/1 (Chicopee) and 6/5 (Albany) dates. We are amped up (pun intended) for this tour!!!! 

The next update will come late tomorrow night or Saturday morning (dependant on our internet access from the road)


You can also find all of our individual accounts on twitter. Click on the pics to find each of our pages. Some of us use it more than others lol (I'm the newb)

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