Don't do drugs (cliche, but true)

In the wake of the unfortunate deaths at Electric Zoo this weekend, we remind you to be safe when going to any concert or festival. You don't need drugs to enjoy a show. Let the music be your escape.

6/4/12 - Gotham Rocks tour diary - Day 2 recap

We spent a lot of time driving the past 2 days and didn't get any time to update the blog yesterday. Even this one is going to be a bit rushed as we have to get to soundcheck at KC's…

6/2/12 - Gotham Rocks tour diary - Day 1 recap

Tour Lesson #1 - Never underestimate the level of traffic leaving NYC on a Friday in the summer! Since 4 out of 5 of us are native New Yorkers, this is pretty unacceptable for us to miss this point. After…

Our "first" blog

Well, its hard to truly consider this our "first" blog since we update our Facebook and Twitter so frequently (and wrote blogs on MySpace back in the day), but this is our first based blog. We've wanted to move…