6/2/12 - Gotham Rocks tour diary - Day 1 recap

Tour Lesson #1 - Never underestimate the level of traffic leaving NYC on a Friday in the summer! Since 4 out of 5 of us are native New Yorkers, this is pretty unacceptable for us to miss this point. After many hours in traffic, we finally made it to Maximum Capacity in Chicopee, MA in time for sound check. Pretty cool stage setup and lights and here's Rich and Angelina doing their best dance party host impression


Shortly after sound check, we had to make an emergency mall run for Pabs to grab a black shirt he forgot to pack, and in the process he passed a Sprint store and fell in love...with a phone. The EVO 4G got released today and Pabs loves his new tech, so he put his name on the waiting list. Guess what we did this morning? lol

But...back to the show. We played with some great bands as always, including Sever the Drama, and our fellow NYC boys Ghosts Of Eden. The show also featured NoSho, Mass Theory, and of course, the national headliner - EYE EMPIRE. This is our second show playing with them, and they just KILL it.

We'll update further, but we gots to get some lunch and load in for sound check at The Room in Brookfield, CT. We's hungry!!!

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